Chaos and Order

Chaos and Order 2014 is the title of this large scale commission work by Krista Rosenkilde for the Courthouse in Viborg.  The work is made of 102 painted and carved objects in wood. Behind the table of the judges, the colors are cool and clear, and the objects are square and hang in a systematic and harmonious order, which is in contrast to the two other walls of the work, explains Krista Rosenkilde. - They appear unruly and uncontrolled with circles and triangles between each other and in vivid colors. To me, the contradictions accurately illustrate the partners in court, their fears, aspirations and purpose of being there. 

When Krista Rosenkilde got her first tour with some of the judges of the court, she was surprised. - I expected that they would have a very sober approach to life and their work. That was not the case at all. They described a working life that is very much about people, conflicts and emotions, and that the courtroom is in fact a living organism. I did not have that view beforehand and I became very aware of the seriousness of the matter when they told me that the work should be firmly fixed to the walls! Occasional things happen in a courtroom. The conversation gave the artist an insight into an unknown subject area, and she concluded that the law is also a jumble of emotions and chaos, which the judges must seek to create a kind of order. That insight she took home with her in the train where she beat the first strokes to what became "Chaos and Order".